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Chess Club FAQs

My child has never played chess before. Is chess club appropriate for beginners?

Yes! We have many beginners sign up for chess each session. We always start out by teaching the rules on the first day before progressing to more advanced lessons. Of course, the more a child practices outside of chess club, the more quickly the child will master the rules.

Is my child too young to play chess?

The answer to this question depends more on the child than on the age. Many children as young as four have learned the rules and played in tournaments. It is a common myth that children need to be a certain age before they are able to play chess.

What happens during chess club?

The weekly chess club meetings are broken up into two portions. First, the coach teaches a lesson.  The lessons begin with rules and basic strategy, and as the weeks go on they become more advanced. For the second half of each meeting, the students are broken up into pairs to play a ladder game. Each player is paired against an opponent of similar skill. The students may also learn how to write down their moves (which is called taking notation). Students who are active in tournaments often use club ladder games as a chance to practice taking notation.

Does my child need to bring chess equipment?

No. We provide all the necessary equipment for the club. It is a good idea, however, for each child to have a chess set at home for practice.

Can I withdraw my child and get a refund for chess club?

Refunds are not given for after-school chess clubs once the club has started. With the approval of the instructor, students may join chess club after the first week, but the fee is not pro-rated.

Refunds are given upon request prior to the start of chess club, minus a $10 administrative fee.

What happens if I register my child late?

At some chess clubs, it may be possible to register late.  If this is the case the cost can be prorated, but there will be an additional $10 processing fee.