Tournament Results - Weekend of January 23-25

Silver Knights organized three rated events the weekend of January 23 - 25. First up was the Friday Night Action open tournament in Bryn Mawr. FM and top seed Rodion Rubenchik went 4-0 to win first place in the 18-player event, defeating second-seeded NM Peter Minear in the final round. Expert Joe Mucerino scored 3.5/4 to win second place. Frank Jackson went 3-1 to take first under 1800, and Elliott Lueck and Genesis Wentzel tied for the under 1200 prize at 2-2. The goal of the Friday Night Action tournaments is to give stronger junior players the chance to play against adult players in rated games and get exposure to tough competition. We look forward to more of the same at the next Friday Night Action tournament on February 20.

Next was the 60-player Winter Blast scholastic tournament at Wayne Elementary School. Austin Henninger dominated the championship section with a 4-0 score. Patrick Liu and Anthony Ciarlante tied for second place at 3-1. In the K-6 U/700 section, Jeremy Miller of Friends School Haverford and Praneeth Ramesh from Pickering Valley Elementary both went 4-0 to tie for first place. Torin Kuehnle of Friends Select School and Ben Verbofsky from Ithan Elementary scored 3.5-.5 to tie for third place. The race for top school was extremely close between Pickering Valley, Friends School Haverford, Ithan, and Springton Manor. After the dust settled, Friends School Haverford was victorious with a team score of 12 points, besting Springton Manor by 1.5.

Finally, a chess workshop was held on Sunday in Bryn Mawr. Will Culbertson won the four-player round robin by beating the other three players, who each went 1-2. Look for selected games from the workshop to appear in the Online Training Center over the next couple of weeks.

New Chess Videos - January 19

New this week in our online chess video library:

- IM Michael Mulyar analyzes the Austrian Attack in the Pirc Defense. This is an extremely tactical line which is dangerous for both sides, so it's important to be prepared!

- NM Adam Weissbarth shows how to aim for an advantageous endgame, and explains how to use this to play against highly-rated but inexperienced opponents.

New Chess Videos - January 12

New this week in our online chess video library:
- IM Bryan Smith analyzes a long, complex endgame.
- IM Bryan Smith shows examples of sacrifices on f7, the most vulnerable square in the black position.

New Chess Videos - January 5

New this week in our online chess video library:

NM Adam Weissbarth shows two examples of pawn breakthroughs in the endgame. One of the breakthroughs is in a pawn structure that commonly occurs in the Caro-Kann opening (1.e4, c6) and is something that white can plan for from move 1.

New Chess Videos - December 29

New this week in our online chess video library:

NM Adam Weissbarth analyzes some games from the recent K-12 grade nationals in Florida. See how one of our students tied for first, and learn about the power of the outside passed pawn in the endgame.

Pictures from nationals!

Here are some pictures of our first two national champions, Benjamin Lu (1st grade national champion) and Kevin Zhou (2nd grade national co-champion).












Left: Ben gets ready for his next opponent.
Middle: Ben, trophy, and a future chess champion.
Right: A tired Kevin with trophy after winning his last game.

Online Training Center subscribers can see videos of some of the games from the tournament starting on December 29.

New Chess Videos - December 22

New this week in our online chess video library:

1) IM Michael Mulyar shows how to win with a material advantage.

2) NM Adam Weissbarth analyzes some games where beginners get caught in the opening.