Tournament Results - Perkiomen Valley Classic

USCF Rating Report

Congratulations to the winners of the Perkiomen Valley Classic:

K-3 Champion - Jacob Taranta, 3.5/4 points
K-3 Team Champion - Friends Select School, 5.5 points
4-8 Champion - Clayton Johnson, 4/4 points
4-8 Team Champion - Beaumont Elementary School, 6 points

New Chess Videos - November 17

New this week in our online chess video library:

1) NM Adam Weissbarth shows how beginning players can avoid discovered attacks.

2) NM Adam Weissbarth begins a series of lessons on the two bishops vs. a better pawn structure - when is it better to have the two bishops, and when is the better pawn structure more important?

3) NM Adam Weissbarth shows why it's important to learn basic endgames.

Tournament Results - Team Tournament

Eighty scholastic chessplayers gathered at Beaumont Elementary School for the first-ever Silver Knights team chess tournament. Twenty different school teams competed for trophies, with first place going to The Philadelphia School A team after a 3-1 last-round victory over Ithan Elementary A. Full results shown below.

New Chess Videos - November 10

New this week in our online chess video library:

1) IM Bryan Smith shows some sacrificial ideas involving perpetual checks.

2) NM Adam Weissbarth analyzes a game submitted by a student in a lesson called "Learning from your Wins."

3) IM Bryan Smith analyzes one of his own games, entitled "A Picturesque King's Indian."

New Chess Videos - November 3

New this week in our chess video library:

1) NM Adam Weissbarth shows another game with an attack down the open G-file, this time out of a Modern Benoni.

2) NM Adam Weissbarth analyzes a recent game that shows the importance of good opening preparation.

3) NM Adam Weissbarth goes over some games by students that show some interesting tactics.

Anand is the World Champion!

Viswanathan Anand of India has held off a late challenge from Vladimir Kramnik to successfully defend his title. After Kramnik won game 10, Anand drew game 11 to clinch the match. We now have videos up of the last two games - enjoy!

Kramnik-Anand World Championship

The 2008 World Chess Championship is now more than halfway finished. Viswanathan Anand of India leads Vladimir Kramnik of Russia in the 12-game match by a score of 5 - 2. Anand amassed this nearly insurmountable lead by drawing games 1, 2, 4, and 7, and winning games 3, 5, and 6. Stay tuned to see if Kramnik can mount a comeback. IM Michael Mulyar has been providing video analysis of the games as they are played. Tune in to see the moves and plans for the match explained by a two-time U.S. Open Champion!