Tournament Results - March 1

USCF Rating Report

The State Warm-Up chess tournament was held on March 1 at Wayne Elementary School in Wayne, PA. 53 players competed (a record high!), many of whom will be traveling to Central Pennsylvania next weekend for the state K-12 championships.

Beaumont Elementary took first place in the K-3 section with a whopping 11.5 team points. They beat out Ithan Elementary (6.0), The Philadelphia School (5.0), and Eagleville Elementary (5.0). First-grader Kyler Shinkle-Stolar of Nether Providence Elementary was the only 4-0 score of the day, winning clear first place and picking up nearly 200 rating points. (Now we know why he usually plays in the K-8 section!)

In the K-8 section, a strong contingent from Mother of Divine Providence won the team prize with 8.5 points. Ithan Elementary (5.5), The Philadelphia School (5.0), and Eaglesville (4.5) again took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Competition for the top individual awards was hard-fought, with the 4th-8th grade students facing a tough challenge from a large group of younger players playing up in the higher section. In fact, seven of the top ten rated players in the K-8 section were in grades 3 and below! In the end, the winner was fourth-grader Pranav Ranganathan from Pickering Valley Elementary, taking clear first place with a score of 3.5/4.

Look for videos of some of the games from the State Warm-Up to get posted on the Online Training Center later this week!

Tournament Results - February 9

USCF Rating Report

The February Battle chess tournament was held on February 9 at Wayne Elementary School in Wayne, PA.

The K-3 section was dominated by Beaumont Elementary, which won top school with 9.0 team points. 3rd-grader Richard James King led the way for the team with a perfect 4-0 score. Tying for 2nd-6th place with 3-1 scores were Gabe Nadel, Noah Siraj, Wyatt Willner, Clayton Johnson, and Joseph Donato.

In the K-8 section, top seed Praneeth Denduluri (1309) went 4-0 to win his second tournament this year. Tying for 2nd-5th place at 3-1 were David Arias, Benjamin Lu, Curtis Sumner, and Michael Sydnes. Ithan Elementary school won the top team prize with 5.0 points.

Look for videos of some of the games from the February Battle to get posted on the Online Training Center later this week!

Tournament Results - February 2

USCF Rating Report

The February Crush chess tournament was held on February 2 at the Horsham Community Center in Horsham, PA.

Top seed Max Polichuk of Richboro Elementary went 4-0 in the K-3 section to win first place. Anand Bhatt and Sean Grant were second and third, respectively, with 3-1 scores. The top unrated player was Emma Hawkins, scoring 2-2 with her only losses against the top two players in the tournament. The Philadelphia School won top school in the section.

The K-8 section was dominated by The Philadelphia School, which scored a whopping 13.0 team points. Gregory Whitehorn and Alexander England, both hailing from The Philadelphia School, tied for first place at 4-0. Zachary Zeelander (also of The Philadelphia School) and Siddharth Ambatipudi won third and fourth places with scores of 3-1.

Tournament Results - January 19

USCF Rating Report

The January Rumble chess tournament was held on January 19 at Goodnoe Elementary School in Newtown, PA. Turnout was low due to the Liberty Bell Open being held the same weekend in Philadelphia, but both sections were closely contested and featured many good games.

Kindergartener and 2nd seed Benjamin Lu of Kutz Elementary School won the K-3 section with a perfect 4-0 score, defeating top seed Max Polichuk and 3rd seed Sean Grant in the final two rounds. (For video analysis of the January 12 game between Max and Benjamin, click here.) Max, Sean, and Nicholas Miklaucic tied for second place with scores of 3-1. The top K-3 team was Whitemarsh Elementary with 5.5 points.

The K-8 section was a bit unusual, as most of our higher-rated regulars were at the Liberty Bell Open in Philadelphia. The top seed was rated 701, but more than half the players were within 100 points of that, leading to almost every game being very closely contested. A high percentage of the games ended in draws, but Teddy Willis of New Hope Academy powered through with four straight wins to take the tournament. Tying for second place at 3-1 were Daniel Gildenbrand and Devi Majeske, each with two wins and two draws. Goodnoe Elementary, the host school, too team honors with 4.5 team points.

Congratulations to all the winners, and look for one or two of the tournament games to appear in the online training center later this week.

Tournament Results - January 12

USCF Rating Report

On January 12, forty-three players gathered at Wayne Elementary School in Wayne, PA, to take part in the January Blast chess tournament. For the second time in three tournaments, 2nd-grader Max Polichuk and kindergartener Benjamin Lu played in the last round for the K-3 championship. Last month Max was victorious, but this time they played to a closely contested draw. Max still took home the first-place trophy on tiebreaks. Tying for third place a half-point back were Kyler Shinkle-Stolar, Jason Hurle, Nicholas Wagner, and Joseph Donato at 3-1. The team winner in the K-3 section was Ithan Elementary School of Bryn Mawr with a score of 8.0 team points.

In the K-8 section, top seed Praneeth Denduluri cruised to a 4-0 score and a 1st-place finish. Michael Li, Evan Zaret, Michael Sydnes, Alexander England, and Siddharth Ambatipudi tied for 2nd place with a score of 3-1. The top team was Hillside Elementary School of Berwyn, scoring 8.5 team points.


Tournament Results - December 8

Two Silver Knights tournaments took place on December 8, 2007: The December Crush in Sykesville, Maryland, and the December Blizzard in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

In the K-3 section of the Crush, Noah Calloway-Seibert went 4-0 in his first tournament ever to win the first-place trophy and earn a provisional rating of 1072. The winner of the K-8 section had an even more remarkable result, however - Ashley Riddle, rated 559, swept through the section to take first place at 4-0.  Ashley gained nearly 300 rating points and beat the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers, all of whom were rating higher than her! David Hevey won the Open section with a score of 3.5, yielding only a last-round draw to Joseph Ellis that clinched him clear first place.

Thomas Farley took first place in the Blizzard with a 4-0 score, followed closely by Rohan Balan at 3.5-.5. Mountain View Primary won first place among school teams, narrowly edging out the host school, Summit View, for the second tournament in a row.

Silver Knights students at nationals

Several Silver Knights students made the long journey from Philadelphia down to Houston, Texas for the national grade championships the weekend of December 7 - 9. All of them played well, most gained rating points, and one or two even took home a trophy. Special congratulations go out to Anand Bhatt, who tied for 10th in the kindergarten section. We hope to post games on the website soon, and perhaps make some video lessons out of some of them as well.