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Tournament Results - Spring Finale

USCF Rating Report

     On May 15, 2011, 45 players met in Wayne for our final swiss tournament of the school year in Pennsylvania.  In the Championship section, William Culbertson, Kieran Rebholz, and Bardia Jahanshahi all went 3.0-1.0, with William winning first place on tie-breaks.  Abington High School won the team trophy with 5.5 points.  In the K-12 U900 section, Adam Buys was the only player to go 4.0-0.0.  7 players tied for 2nd to 8th with a 3.0-1.0 score.  In the K-6 U500 section, Matthew Belyakov won 1st place with a 4.0-0.0 score and Jacob Groch came in second with a 3.0-1.0 score.  Friends Central won the team trophy in both of the lower sections.

Tournament Results: Team Tournament 3

Link to USCF Ratings Report

More than 130 players competed in Team Tournament 3 at the Our Lady of Good Counsel School in Vienna.  In the K-8 Rated section, there was a four way tie for first place between Floris A (Alex Peng, Neeyanth Kopparapu, Austin Huang, and Rahul Rajan), Hunters Woods (Mandeep Bhadra, Parv Ahuja, Jared Tankel, and Nathan Tankel), Bull Run A (Maggie Luo, Vedant Balu, Neha Pattanaik, and Charlie Gunn), and Bull Run B (Luke Emanuel, Anish Sriniketh, Charles Tai, and Andrew Vo.  Each of those teams won three matches and drew one.  The first tie break is total games won, and Floris A, Bull Run A, and Hunters Woods all won 14/16 individual games.  The final tiebreak is strength of schedule, and on strength of schedule, Floris A narrowly edged out Bull Run A and Hunters Woods.

Peng, Ahuja, Bhadra, Luo, Pattanaik, and Zhang all get an honorable mention for going 4-0, as do Aneesh Boreda who led Steuart Weller to a fifth place finish and Shishir Sriramoju, and integral part of Bull Run C.

Floris E dominated the K-3 unrated section by winning all four of their matches, led by Neel Mandapati’s 4-0, Aman Patel’s 3.5/4, and Matthew Quivey and Sree Revoori who both finished with 3/4.  Bull Run D (Amy Luo, Sean Gunn, Ryan Vo, and Joanne Lee) took second place with 2.5/4 in the matches, narrowly edging out the host school, OLGC B (John Dujmovic who went 4-0, Martin Llames, Ben Vertman, and Dean Vance), Virginia Run D (Jonathan Lee who scored 3.5/4 on first bored, Chase Roche, Joshua Byrd, and Jason Cheifitz), and Sunset Hills Montessori (Owen Gemignani, Niels Clark, Connor Poole, and Bora Tekin).

Full results for all individuals and teams below the fold.

Tournament Results: Arlington Quads

Results for all quads below the fold.