There were 106 Wood Pushers battling it out over the chessboard in four different sections.
Congratulations to all who participated! After the mind games, captures, checks, checkmates,
and when the dust settled the winners are:
Samuel Li
Roshan Rafi
Isaac Shephard
Elyar Rafi
Top team Merion Elementary

K-12 U800
Amy Wong
Maxwell Adoff
Arden Kucharski
James Zheng
John Zheng
Top teams Merion Elementary and Ithan Elementary 

K-6 U500
Kritarth Acharya
Gad Alhaik
Rory Brennan
Connor Lopes
Adam Brein
Yashar Vaezi

Top teams Radnor Elementary and Bucks County Montessori Charter School 

K-4 U200
Warner Ellsworth
Charlie Bontempo
Safina Munisova
Ethan Zhang
Jacob Steinway
Drake Lassin
Top teams New Hope Solesbury Upper Elementary and Lower Gynedd Elementary