15th Annual State Warm-Up


There were 82 Kings and Queens battling over the board in the 15th Annual State Warm-Up to prove 
their dominance! Cheers to the victors and the spoils of the four round skirmishes were awarded to:

K-12 Championship:                             Top Team Championship:
   Samuel Li                                               Merion Elementary
   John Zheng
   Maxwell Adoff
   Elyar Rafi

K-12 U800:                                             Team Awards:
   Adrian Cheng                                           Merion Elementary
   Kritarth Acharya                                       Radnor Middle School
   Venica Jain
   Gad Alhaik
   Han Sam Kim

K-6 U500:                                                Team Awards:
   Kyle Schaubel                                         Merion Elementary
   Andrew Cai                                              Radnor Elementary
   Boyue Wang
   Britt Shelton
   Ratna Konda
   Rory Brennan

K-3 U200:                                                   Team Awards:

   Viaan Chaudhary                                        Radnor Elementary

   Cecilia Plummer                                          Lower Gwynedd Elementary

   Evan DeLaurentis
   Rhys Groenen
   Alex Bian
   Sawyer Dugan